Our policies



Asia Clean & Care BD (ACC) has assembled a team of highly skilled and competent management and operational personnel to meet or exceed customer requirements whilst maintaining the highest &our objective is to be leading Cleaning service provider by providing high quality cleaning at an affordable price.

How we will work with you:

On engagement of ACC, we will develop a Client Service Plan specifically tailored to your needs. In doing so we will ensure that the Client Service Plan will cover the following:

Is appropriate for your premises and operations
Establishes and maintains a continuous improving work environment
provides a framework for the regular review of objectives
Is communicated to and understood at all levels in the organization
Is regularly reviewed for continuing sustainability and effectiveness.
For your premises ACC will allocate an experienced and competent Site Manager to manage the cleaning contract. The Site Manager will visit the site at least once per week to ensure that services are being supplied in accordance with the contract requirements.

A copy of the weekly checklist / report is provided to the client representative (in person where possible), and any concerns regarding the service delivery can be raised and discussed at this time.

All staff allocated to the contract would be appropriately experienced and fully trained in the various cleaning activities.

In addition, to ensure compliance with OH & S regulations and hazard identification, risk assessments would be carried out to identify any potential for injury to staff or other individuals. Where risks are identified, actions would be implemented to eliminate, reduce or control such risk. Safe Working procedures would be prepared and all staff would be trained in those procedures

All of this will be incorporated into the Client Service Plan which we will review with you regularly and continuously revise for improvements.

Social Welfare as Our Corporate Responsibility